Lives in crouch end – small city

In today’s world, people are trying to live a more sustainable life. This leads to startups that facilitate making better choices. Examples could be: Nest, Honeywell, Green Thumb and many more. Their products make their customers’ lives easier by installing smart devices without having to often touch them; they do not use electricity or water at all.

This video explains what Mayor Miroslav Kalousek, the Czech Prime Minister, was thinking when he decided to move his country from socialism to capitalism. He believed it would be a good idea for his people, who live in a very small city of Prague and spend their daily lives on footpaths and without many lights. He had this belief because of a problem that started with communism – people thought they could not earn money so they did not work hard enough.

The city is a small place where people live. Even though there is a lot of diversity and variety, the constant feeling of coming from a bustling city to a small country town is something that everyone can relate to.

“Crawlers” are a new type of small businesses that have developed in urban centers. They are often at first sight, a rare animal but in reality, they can be found all over the world.

The local business sector has created its own niche and used it to promote itself through old-fashioned methods such as advertising. They use their unique skill in mail order and internet marketing to achieve success.

Lives in crouch end – small city

This book is about a small city. This isn’t an ordinary city. It is incorporated into a larger city but yet it is still a very small town for the people of this country. How does one live in this town? What does one do? Is it difficult to make ends meet? How does the society work in this town? What sort of lives do the inhabitants of this town lead? There are many questions we can ask, and there are also many answers we can get from reading this book.

This is a product that has been developed to help the small city dwellers in crouch end….. As they cannot do anything without money, they need a local business that can provide them with some kind of services. They just want to start their own business and live in their own little corner of the world.

This is a very interesting series of ten photographs, showing the life in a little city which, in most cases, is about 30 km away from where I am.

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