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Purpose of the Treasurer role

The Treasurer takes the lead in overseeing the financial affairs of the organisation, ensuring its financial viability, and seeing that proper financial records and procedures are maintained.  The Treasurer will assist other Trustees to perform their financial duties, by interpreting and explaining accounting requirements, ensuring that the Executive Committee receives reports containing the information they need in an 'easy to understand' format, and helping Trustees guide other professional advisers they have appointed. This is an unpaid role.

Task Description and responsibilities:

·      To present financial information to the Executive Committee

·      Keep the Executive Committee aware of its financial responsibilities

·      Ensure that the organisation's accounts are prepared in accordance to SORP 2006

·      Ensure that the accounts and financial systems are audited as required by law, and that recommendations are implemented and reports produced as requested

·      Assist the Accountant in presenting budgets, accounts, and financial statements to the Executive Committee

·      Provide assurance that the financial resources of the organisation meets present and future needs

·      Ensure the organisation has an appropriate reserves policy

·      Assist the Accountant in liaising with staff about financial matters

·      Advise on the financial implications of the organisation's strategic plan

·      Ensure that the organisation has an appropriate investment policy

·      Monitor the organisation's investment activity and ensure compliance with Centre 404 policies and legal responsibilities

·      Ensure there is no conflict between any investments held and the aims and objectives of the organisation

·      Ensure that the accounts are compliant with current charity accounting regulations, included in the annual report, and submitted to the relevant statutory bodies

·      Keep the Executive Committee informed about its financial duties and responsibilities

·      Contribute to the fundraising strategy of the organisation

·      Make a formal presentation of the accounts at the Annual General Meeting and highlight important information in a coherent and accessible way

·      Sit on appraisal, recruitment and disciplinary panels as required.

Other expectations

  • To adhere to Centre 404’s Confidentiality Policy and Procedures

As a Centre 404 trustee you will receive

  • A full induction
  • Reimbursement of out of pocket expenses relating to your role
  • Any identified training required to enable you to perform the role to the best of your ability, which will be arranged by and paid for by Centre 404
  • Protection through Centre 404’s employee liability insurance policy whilst on the premises or engaged in any work on behalf of Centre 404
  • Opportunities to meet other Centre 404 trustees, members and volunteers to share experiences
  • Automatic invitation to the Centre 404 Annual General Meeting Summer Garden Party
  • Centre 404’s quarterly newsletter
  • Training and seminars pertaining to your role, funding permitting  

Essential Skills

Person specification for a Treasurer In addition to the qualities needed by all Trustees the Treasurer should also possess the following skills: · Financial experience and business planning skills · Some experience of charity finance and fundraising · The skills to analyse proposals and examine their financial consequences · Be prepared to make unpopular recommendations to the board · Approachable, flexible and willing to give financial advice and answer enquiries from staff and Trustees.

How to Apply

Please send a CV and covering letter to carlag@centre404.org.uk



Contact Details

Telephone: 02076974057 Email carlag@centre404.org.uk

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