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Creative Practitioners

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Haringey Shed.


Let me tell you a little bit about the work we do and how you can get involved.


…In our workshops

If you have enthusiasm for music, dance or drama and enjoy working with children and young people, you may like to join our Inclusive Theatre team that supports weekly sessions in the evenings. Most of our staff are volunteers who enjoy this weekly commitment, often as a welcome change from their regular work during the day.


Monday           5.00-6.30         Children’s Theatre (7-10 years) Haringey Sixth Form Centre

Monday           7.00-8.30         Youth Theatre (11-16 years) Haringey Sixth Form Centre   

Tuesday          4.30-5.30         Training Band (7-16years) Haringey Irish Centre

Tuesday          5.30-7.00         Shed Band (7 -16 years) Haringey Irish Centre

Wednesday     4.30-5.30         Shed Moves Dance 1 (7-10 years) Haringey Irish Centre

Wednesday     5.30-6.30         Shed Moves Dance 2 (11-16 years) Haringey Irish Centre

Thursday         5.30-6.30         Big Noise Choir (7-16 years) Haringey Irish Centre


Our outreach programme also provides workshops in local Primary, Secondary and Special schools and Children’s Centres which are during the school day. We also run projects during school half terms and holidays.



…At our events

If you would enjoy a day doing something completely different and being part of an event, we would really value your input to help us out Front of House.


There are many ways in which you can be part of the event:

  • Sell our merchandise / raffle tickets 
  • Arrange displays and the reception area
  • Usher our audience into their seats
  • Support the technical staff setting up lighting rig, sound system, stage, set etc.
  • Be a driver to collect items for the technical staff
  • Video film the show and edit the video after the event
  • Design the programme before the event


…Backstage Team

We are always looking for people who can support our work so please get in touch if you have skills & experience in

  • Stage Management
  • Lighting & Sound operation
  • Set & Costume
  • Photography
  • Film
  • Website design
  • Poster design
  • Marketing & promotion



If you’re particular interest is in working with our young people then you will be required to take part in our training programme before you get started. This is a great opportunity to learn some basic inclusive theatre techniques, meet other staff and volunteers and will help you feel confident about what is expected of you before you are put in a workshop situation.



…In our Summer Theatre project

In August we run a 2-week intensive Summer Theatre project.


Every summer we look for set & costume volunteers who must be available for a minimum of 3 days per week during that period.


We are also looking for people with an interest in drama, music and dance to support young people.

Essential Skills

An interest in working with local young people aged 7-16years old An interest in working with local young people with disabilities An interest in theatre or performing arts

How to Apply

It’s always a good idea to come and visit an organisation before you commit to anything in case you discover we’re really not your cup of tea! We would like to invite you to come and observe a workshop when you have time. Please give me a call or email to discuss a suitable time that you can come along - please don’t just turn up. Please feel free to give me a call if you have any other questions or would just like to chat a bit more about volunteering. We look forward to hearing from you


Tottenham, Haringey

Contact Details

Telephone: 0208 801 7209 Email ashling@haringeyshed.org

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