Corehealth: The Accidental Birth

While walking across a zebra crossing in Hackney, Lorraine was run over, having her left lower leg badly broken as well as fracturing her skull. Three weeks in hospital, a solid tibial pin, and a cancelled obscure Austrian play was followed by months of intense physiotherapy, fitness classes and chocolate cake. Lorraine had to learn to walk again and to work off the cake started doing aerobic classes. As her fitness levels increased so did her enthusiasm for this new way of life and she decided to re-train as an aerobics teacher.

Simon, during countless hospital visits in no uncertain terms also had a ‘wake-up’ call and began training as a Remedial Massage therapist, to help Lorraine’s recovery as well as to try and gain some ounce of control over his life. Lorraine’s reputation as an aerobics and slide instructor grew quickly and she was soon a North London fitness fixture, as was her shock of pink hair.

Simon was quickly building a client base in Chelsea who included the likes of David Mamet, Jessica Lange, Kylie Minogue and Gwyneth Paltrow, the irony being that he was meeting more movie stars, directors and producers as a physical therapist than he ever did as an actor.

Not only was business growing, but Lorraine's belly was too and after their son was born they moved to Crouch End. Lorraine, however had over-worked while pregnant and had developed acute hip and groin problems. Expecting her Doctor to suggest pain killers, she was actually recommended Pilates. It only took a couple of sessions to know where her path would lead next. In 2005 Corehealth Pilates and Treatment Suite began in Uplands Road, specialising in back care, postural correction and sports therapy. Dedicated to slow health regimes such as Pilates, massage and hypnotherapy, Corehealth has spread through the local community and has had the honour of being the official providers of Sports Massage for the Crouch End 10k for the past 4 years.

Corehealth moved to a new and bigger studio last year on Weston Park and including Pilates, now offers further slow health classes such as Feldenkrais, Chi Kung and Yoga, as well as a growing number of complementary therapies.

Shakespeare brought them together, it was then an 80 year old man at a zebra crossing that turned their lives around, eventually leading us to the wonderful Crouch End, and creating Corehealth.

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