Get Ready For The Budgens Big Reveal

After five weeks of refitting, refurbishing and sourcing suppliers, Budgens will open their brand new flagship London store here in Crouch End. And it’s set to be completely different from everything they’ve done before.

In a first for Budgens stores, they’re introducing a take-out bar serving hot porridge and hot soups (depending on what time of day you come in of course!) Add this to a coffee area, in-store butchers, deli and patisserie, and you start to get the picture.

Budgens has been trading on The Broadway for years and feel like part of the community, which is why they’ve chosen this store to be their new flagship. They are really proud of everything they’re doing with the new store and hope local people to love it too.


They remain committed to supporting local and regional suppliers.

Their beer buyers have been checking out the best London and South East ales and they will be continuing to stock bread from Dunn’s bakery and handmade chocolates from down the road in Wood Green. They will be focusing on select cuts and wild meats, giving you as much variety as they can and a chance to taste something different.

The new store opens on Thursday 26th March at 9am so pop in to take a look and sample some of the new products.  

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