O Bag Factory

Hello, we are local residents and would like to introduce our new fashion accessory business opening soon in Crouch End, called O Bag Factory. Our accessories range is a stylishly fun Italian designed line that invites customers to mix and match from the wide colour range of products, to create your own unique style.

For our signature ‘O bag’ you can interchange handles, inner linings and trims of various styles and fabrics. The bag accessories can be switched to create different looks to compliment the wearer’s mood or outfit for the day, and creating something totally unique to you. The quirky accessories are durable, fun, hypoallergenic (silicone and EVA) and very affordable. However its not just about bags, the range also includes O Clocks (watches for all ages and sexes), O Bags (handbags, with a man bag coming in the summer!), O Sun (sunglasses also unisex), and many other accessories for all ages ranges. As a local resident of Crouch End, I am excited that our O bag shop will have the opportunity to complement the energy and creativity its residence and visitors alike. This will also be the first time all the product range will be brought together in any high street shop in UK. We hope you'll follow us on our journey to opening and beyond! w: www.obagnorthlondon.co.uk fb:www.facebook.com/obagfactorylondon in:instagram.com/obagfactorylondon t:twitter.com/obagfactory I look forward to seeing you soon – Marcia

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