Dragonfly Moon

I was born in Seoul, South Korea and was adopted at the age of a year and a half. Growing up, I was a very a sensitive child, often feeling fragmented and always aware of the nuances of interactions between people and the atmospheres in spaces I was in, which affected me deeply. I felt others' emotions and could often hear their thoughts, which regularly confused and disoriented me.

The realisation came later that I was picking up on the energy between people, emanating from others and environments I was in, and that as a child I was very sensitive to energies but had no knowledge of how to cope with them.

Through a transformative and deeply healing journey over the last few years, in which I was extremely fortunate to learn from and work with some powerful and gifted teachers, I have now learned how to work with energies and have reached a place of centre, calm and open heartedness. My belief is that living from a place of open heartedness and love can - and does - have a massively healing impact which ripples out through our lives. I have learned about the extraordinary power we all have to heal ourselves and the empowerment that can come with releasing limiting beliefs, blocks, old and damaging emotions. Energy work simply reminds people's bodies of their innate ability to heal themselves, where possible.

The connection between the physical body, the emotions and the mind fascinates me - I strongly believe that emotional issues and thoughts have a profound impact on our physical selves, frequently displaying as pains, aches and illnesses. These often manifest as a last resort, a crying out for help from our minds and feelings. Physical ailments and symptoms can be treated, but if the underlying emotions, thoughts and energies aren't investigated and released, the entire issue may not necessarily be fully healed. The powers of the mind and the emotions are so influential, able to affect us profoundly. Our belief systems can impact our lives in multi-layered ways. Everything is connected.

There is always a message in our experiences, we just have to learn to listen. We have to be mindful of our thoughts, our emotions, our bodies - it is the road to wellness. I strongly believe that the power to heal begins within.

The treatments I offer are all very compatible, working together to create a personalised experience for each individual. As part of a session, I can also offer simple yet effective techniques and practices which you can take home with you to enhance your wellbeing and healing process.

I would like to assist you on your journey, and help you to heal yourself.

If you would like to find out more, please see my website: www.dragonfly-moon.co.uk


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