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Let your face speak volumes with the perfect profile photo!

These days with so much business being marketed on-line it’s crucial that your web-site stands out. There are so many businesses on that web offering the same as you so it’s never been so important to grab those prospective clients trawling their way through it.

We can all look through glossy sites with loads of fabulous testimonials but ultimately we’re all human and what grabs us at the end of the day is often the look of the person we’ll be working with.  There’s no point bunging an iPhone pic taken by your loved-one on to your gorgeous new site - what most clients want to see is that you’re professional as well as personable and our faces say so much more than all that well thought-out text possibly can.

As an ex-actress who hated having head shots done more than anything else in the world I can completely sympathise with anyone sitting in front of my lens!  I KNOW how intimidating it can all feel but with a coffee and a bit of a laugh it’s really amazing how many times I’ve heard “Ooh I was dreading this but it’s actually been really fun!” after a shoot.  It’s all very laid-back and casual, the shoot taking place in my home in central Crouch End so won’t even take up much of your much needed time in the day.

As our businesses are all so different and require such different approaches it’s important to have a good chat beforehand to really decide the kind of look you’re after.  Whether it’s formal or relaxed, suited and booted or casual - or all of the above -  we’ll sort it so you have the perfect look to bring in the business.

Give me a call and let’s take that next step to have those clients banging at your door!

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