Secret Supper Club

Secret Supper Club


Catherine Coulson writes about Crouch End’s very own Secret Supper Club…

Supper club started in March 2012 and has been running once a month ever since. We received a copy of Ms Marmite's book for Christmas 2011, and the penny dropped the moment we saw the title of the book. We've been plugged in to other zeitgeist cultural things and have loved the pop-up notion, so this was a great opportunity to open the restaurant we would love to have but would never want to do full time. We've also done several private dinners for people (e.g. 60th birthday etc, where they supplied the guests and we planned the menu for them).

It takes place in our house (on Cecile Park) which is unusual in that we have the kitchen at the front with a huge window which allows mutual viewing - us of the guests and the guests of us! They sit in our sitting room, which is an extension, and the doors concertina so the whole back of the house can open up if weather permits - so we often have drinks on the deck.

Robert and I run it (Catherine + Robert Coulson). We have lived in Crouch End for 23 years and love being part of this London village. Our ethos is about cooking everything from scratch - all homemade breads, membrillo with the cheese, chocolates with the coffee - even our own Worcestershire sauce! We are not professionally trained - just happen to love cooking and entertaining, and we thought the supper club would be a good way to meet new and interesting people (which we've done).


The theme behind our supper club is seasonality. We are inspired by ingredients that are in season at the moment and that's how we build our menus - working back from interesting ingredients. We source our recipes from all over - internet, books, magazines and our own experience and experimentation.

Guests come from all walks of life and connections. Initially it was through friends and colleagues then we started leafleting in the local area and in shops, then set up a Facebook group and then a twitter page. Sometimes we meet people on the W7 bus and have had bookings as a result!! We seat people at two big tables to encourage interaction (which needs no encouragement)! They love the social environment and many contact details are exchanged. We have 24-28 people per dinner, and they're free to sit anywhere they choose. During the cocktail and canape session they mingle and decide who they would like to sit next to.

We use our own home-grown ingredients wherever possible from our allotment on Shepherd's Hill. We also cater to vegetarians or some special dietary needs if pre-notified. Cost is £35 for 8 courses including a champagne cocktail. Bring your own wine etc.

Crouch Enders thrive on eating and socialising, and the supper club gives people the opportunity to celebrate the seasons and explore new dishes in a very relaxed environment. Pre-booking is essential.

Crouch End Secret Supper Club

Saturday 12 October 2013

‘Nights Drawing In’ dinner
(*vegetarian alternative available)
Crab Rangoon* and with Sloe Gin Fizz Champagne cocktail
Roasted figs wrapped in Parma ham with blue cheese and rocket
Butternut squash soup, homemade breads
Basil and lime sorbet
Pork chops* with celeriac mash and apple and ale gravy
Blackberry and Apple mascarpone custard crumble
Selection of cheese
Coffee and homemade sweets


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