Hot Pepper Jelly

by helen on September 23, 2013

We spoke to Kirstie, one of the sisters who own and run this fantastic local cafe in the centre of Crouch End...

Q: What makes Crouch End unique?

A: Crouch End has a unique identity, a village in the heart of North London.

Q: Why did you open up in Crouch End?

A: It is a thriving local high street and we really wanted to work in the area. Crouch Enders use their local shops and support all the small independents.

Q: When was that?
A: 2007

Q: What’s your favourite dish/food on your menu.

A: The Hot Pepper Jelly Inferno Sandwich; peanut butter, crispy bacon and chilli jam so spicy your teeth will burn. It’s addictive.

Q: Tell us one thing we don't know about Hot Pepper Jelly

A: We are running a book swap, come and browse our bookshelf and try an author you might never have considered before.

Q: Do you have a favourite bar/pub in N8?

A: Our favourites include Kiss the Sky, the Queen’s, the Railway Tavern and Villiers. Maybe we drink too much.

Q: What about a restaurant?

A: We love Banners, and Lupa does the best pizza we ever had.

Q: Favourite Coffee/café?
A: That’s easy, Hot Pepper Jelly! All our coffee is fair trade and prepared by our fully trained baristas.

Q: Do you have a favourite shop here?
A: Spirited Wines ha ha, Sherriff and the RSPCA charity shop.

Q: Where would you take someone visiting Crouch End from out of town?
A: Alexandra Palace for the amazing view, the King’s Head Comedy night, Kiss the Sky for some late drinks and then Hot Pepper Jelly for a Black Pudding Stack, the best hangover breakfast.

Q: What’s the best kept foodie secret in N8?

A: Our new Hot Pepper Jelly Jam is going to be launched October 17th as part of the Crouch End Digital Food Festival. You’re all invited to join us between 6 – 9pm for a tasting session with complimentary wine. I promise, it’s going to be the napalm of chilli jam.

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