Bottle Apostle

by helen on September 18, 2013

Livia from Bottle Apostle in Crouch End answers our foodie questionnaire...



Q: What makes Crouch End unique?

A: There is a very artistic vibe and the people we meet in Bottle Apostle are interested in the wines and where they come from. They are very knowledgeble about wine and appreciate that a lot of our stock is from small producers.


Q: Why did you open up in Crouch End?

A: The owners were looking to open a 2nd shop and like Victoria Park, Crouch End is villagey, not on the tube and has a culture of independent shops.


Q: When was that?

A: April 2012


Q: What’s your favourite wine that you stock?

A: A small South African producer who makes small quantities of elegant, fine and artistic wine. The brand is called ‘Rall’


Q: Tell us one thing we don't know about Bottle Apostle

A: All the beers that we stock are from London producers.


Q: Do you have a favourite bar/pub in N8?

A: Bar Esteban

Q: What about a restaurant?

A: Zer Café – simple, cheap food with excellent flavour.


Q: Favourite Coffee/Café?

A: Coffee Circus or H & H

Q: Do you have a favourite shop here?

A: The Urban Flower Company – our neighbours.


Q: Where would you take someone visiting Crouch End from out of town?

A: To The Blue Legume for breakfast. Good value, great food. For dinner, either Bistro Aix , Wow or St James. St James has a great wine list and a fantastic set menu (recommend the chocolate fondant!)


Q: What new foodie business would you like to see opening in Crouch End?

A: A Pizzeria like Pizza Pappagone in Stroud Green.


Q: What’s the best kept foodie secret in N8?

A: The slow cooked lamb at Arocaria on Weston Park (the one with all the flowers outside). When I ate that it transported me back to my grandmother’s amazing cooking…

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