Dunn's Bakery

by helen on August 22, 2013

Christopher Freeman from Dunn's Bakery - the oldest shop in Crouch End - talks to us about his business...

Q: What makes Crouch End unique?

A:The people, the individual shops and the village atmosphere.

Q: Why did you open up in Crouch End?

A: I took over the business in 1973 but it was established by my ancestors in 1850. It’s the oldest shop in Crouch End.

Q: What’s your favourite product that you sell?

A: A large, crusty, poppy seed oven bottom bloomer!

Q: Tell us something we may not know about Dunns?

A: We support a number of local ‘soup kitchen’ style initiatives including St Peter’s Catholic Church and Holy Innocent Parish Church cold weather shelter by donating unsold food. Also, we stock a range of wheat and gluten free products, we use only free range eggs and our flour is locally produced.

Q: Do you have a favourite shop/cafe here?

A: Dunns! We also supply many local businesses – cafes and restaurants, it’s too hard to pick just one.

Q: What’s the best kept foodie secret in Crouch End?

A: Budgens stock a range of foods produced in N8. Walter Purkis have their own smoke house where they smoke a variety of fish.


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